Automated Terminal Systems, as the First Tier Subcontractor to Louis Berger International, provided the design and implementation plan for a fully automated Container Terminal to be constructed on Yangshan Island off the coast of Shanghai.

Use of large Rail Mounted Gantry cranes [RMGs] and a reduction in the equipment counts reduced land requirements by 50% and allowed the redesign of the Inland Intermodal Facility. That redesign provided sufficient space for the installation of an automated Customs Facility utilizing the same design principles and machines that were called out for the Marine Terminal.

The original design contemplated an RTG Facility on Yangshan Island supported by an Inland Intermodal Facility.

The ATS design reduced the land requirement by 50% and allowed the construction of an X-Ray Facility on Dock.

ATS was able to redesign the Inland Intermodal and Support Facility to take advantage of the space afforded by its automation 

 design and tightly integrate additional facilities including a unified gate, a Customs Facility, Inland Barge Terminal and Industrial Park. All sections served by automated shuttle cars.

ATS was awarded a Certificate of Merit for Outstanding Technical Consulting Services by the Shanghai Society of Engineering Consultants