Truck Load/Unload Station

Yard Conveyor

Ship Operations

2 Tier Bi-Directional Conveyor

The Integrated Automated Container Terminal [IACT] is a robust, high-density, fully automated, all electric system for handling containers in Marine Terminals and Intermodal Facilities. It employs proven Industrial Automation technologies and equipment built to steel mill standards for high reliability, high availability and low maintenance. The all-electric design is low light and low noise with virtually no hydrocarbon emissions. We like to say that it is Kyoto Compliant.℠

Pictured above is a 4 berth Container Terminal with true On-Dock Rail. This baseline design embodies ATS design and automation principles:

Simplify - reduce the number of machines by employing large robust equipment that substitutes 1 for many. Typically, 1 RMG will replace 4 - 6 RTGs;

Buffer Operations - each operation necessary to move a container from Truck to Ship, or Rail to Ship and vice versa is segregated and buffered;

Minimize - Man-in-the-Loop. People make mistakes - machines do not;

Optimize - the central control computer is a real-time process control optimizer developed by ATS called FRED™ that employs Computational Intelligence optimized through the use of Genetic Algorithms and Predictive Analytics;

Keep Capital Costs Low - reduce the equipment count. Note that only 2 cranes per berth are employed. Yet this facility is capable of throughputs in the range of 4 to 5 million TEUs per annum;

Keep Operating Expenses Low - All equipment is designed to Steel Mill Standards [CMAA Class F or AISE Severe Duty] that require 25 years continuous operation at design capacity. OPEX is typically 50% less than competing RTG and RMG designs;

Efficient Space Utilization - The footprint of the facility is equivalent to an RTG terminal with less than half the baseline capacity; Twice the capacity on the same amount of land.

High Density - Storage capacity is approximately 50% greater than that of a similar RTG facility and 40% greater than competing RMG implementations.

No Trucks or Chassis-Hustler combos in the Facility. All trucks are handled at the Truck Load/Unload Stations. Containers are transported within the facility by RMGs, Shuttle Cars and Conveyors.