Automation Article Published by Port Technology International

The article entitled, "Why Automation Does Not Deliver on its Promises - But Can" was co-authored by Dan Reiss, CEO of Automated Terminal Systems, and Dr. Joseph H. Discenza, Vice President of the Company.

Subsequently the article was selected by PTI for publication in "The Journal of Ports and Terminals, Top 30 Papers 2014 -2016" along with a companion followup article, "Progress on Container Terminal Automation, Caught in the Perfect Storm . Both are available for download at:

Dan Reiss, CEO Automated Systems, was among 35 honored guests at the induction of Alberto Aleman Zubieta into the Global Institute of Logistics ‘Hall of Fame’. Mr. Zubieta was recognized for his leadership role as Administrator of the Panama Canal Autority from 1998 through 2011.

The Induction Dinner was held in conjunction with the Terminal Operations Conference on Container Supply Chains in Panama City, and brought together thought leaders from all parts of the world to honor Mr Zubieta, meet with their colleagues, and to recognize their contributions as well to the Americas logistics industry.  

Automated Terminal Systems awarded contract by Westland Securities to develop and deliver a fully automated container handling system for a new Container Terminal to be built at Taranto Italy. 

The facility will be comprised of three deep-draft berths capable of handling the largest container ships currently in service and planned; two medium-draft berths to server feeder ships and regional mediterranean traffic; On-Dock Rail with direct access to Northern European manufacturing centers; and an Industrial Park to support local industry.

The €750,000,000 Facility will be served by an Automated Shuttle Car System of ATS design that will eliminate truck traffic between berths, the On-Dock Rail Facility and the businesses in the Industrial park.

Daniel Reiss, the CEO of Automated Terminal Systems, awarded a 'Certificate of Merit' for, "Outstanding Technical Consulting" on the Yangshan Deep Water Port Project by the Shanghai Society of Consulting Engineers.

Louis Berger International was awarded a contract by the Shanghai Port Authority to supply, among other tasks, "the most advanced container terminal in the world." ATS was engaged to supply the design and automation concept for the container terminal. Dan Reiss lead the ATS Team on this challenging project.

Automated Terminal Systems Automated Shuttle Car System selected best design for LA/LB proposed ZECMS. The ATS system was judged the most feasible and most market ready among 13 submissions by some of the most well recognized technology and transportation companies in the world.