Automated Systems has assembled a world class team of Consultants who not only posses the technical computer skills to develop and implement leading edge solutions for your logistics, marine terminal and intermodal operations, but also have extensive real world operating and business experience. We understand your business; we understand your problems; and we understand how to overcome implementation barriers. Be they technical, institutional or cultural.

Brief Bios of the Team Members are presented herewith:

Joseph H. Discenza, Ph.D. - Operations Research Expert

Joe is a graduate of the U.S. Coast Guard Academy and the Naval Post Graduate School. He is a widely recognized expert in the field of Operations Research and is directly involved in the management, marketing, technical development, and implementation of port technologies for the private sector.

Application expertise includes automation of material handling systems systems simulation, development of optimization algorithms for logistics, SAR missions and Marine Terminal Operations. Strong analytical, problem-solving and software development skills.

David K Scott - JAVA, UNIX Guru

David has more than 25 years diversified experience in software engineering, programming, life science bioinformatics and project management.  

Skills include:

  • Java - ten years of commercial Java/Swing/AWT/JDBC/Oracle experience.
  • OO - ten years of C++/X/RDBMS experience.
  • UNIX - fifteen years of UNIX, including BSD and Solaris. 

Application expertise includes automation, material handling systems, and bioinformatics. Strong analytical, problem-solving and software development skills. 

Amrinder Arora, Ph.D. Adjunct Professor Algorithms

Amrinder has more than 15 years of experience in software innovation, design and development of software applications using enterprise and cloud technologies, leading large development teams and handling mission critical projects.   

Skills include:

  • Java, Spring MVC, Struts, JavaScript, AJAX, Hibernate, iBatis, OpenJPA
  • Apache Mahout, Weka, Drools, R
  • RESTful and SOAP based Web Services, JSON, XML
  • Eclipse, Spring Tool Suite, Log4J, Lilith, Swing, Spring Batch, Amazon Web Services 

Mathew J Schor - Nuclear Engineer, DARPA Contractor

Mathew has more than 25 years diversified experience in Nuclear Engineering, Software Engineering, Satellite Systems and RFID Systems; holder of two US Patents. 

Skills include:

  • MCNP
  • GEANT Nuclear Simulation
  • C++

Application expertise includes RFID systems design and implementation, satellite tracking and communications, Real Time Locating Systems [RTLS] in the logistics and terminal operating space.

Milan B Lazic - Civil + Structural Engineer, Master Planner

Milan has more than 50 years of experience in planning and program management. He has performed feasibility studies for major ports and container terminals operators worldwide.

He has developed master plans and conceptual layouts for implementation and deployment of semi-automated and automated container terminals. His work has included feasibility studies and capital requirements for the reconstruction and upgrade of existing terminals as well as the construction of new container terminals.

More information about our Consultants and how we can quickly formulate a Team to address your most pressing operational or business problems is available on request. Just complete the contact form or email Dan Reiss directly at: [email protected]