The Evolution of Automated Systems

Automated Terminal Systems is now Automated System

Company History

AS started as an emergency marine engineering company providing assistance to ships at sea, oil field platforms and ship yards. From there we evolved into Port Operations and Management and eventually to Systems Design and Development.

The graphic above summarizes this history. Marine International was the marine engineering company that evolved into port operations and Marine Cargo Systems was a consortium of cargo equipment suppliers. In 1980 we formed Continental Marine Terminals to develop systems employing that equipment for Marine Terminals worldwide. In 1985 CMT Systems was formed with Bechtel to deliver turnkey systems. Automated Terminal Systems was formed in 1996 after a buy out by Bechtel.

During that period, an Automated Container Handling System was supplied by Morgan Crane for a US Steel Pipe Mills in Birmingham Alabama. That system, employing large-scale, robust Rail Mounted Gantry cranes [RMGs] is the basis upon which we have built the Integrated Automated Container Terminal [IACT] system.

We have applied those engineering and automation principles to develop systems for Marine Container Terminals, Intermodal Terminals; and we are expanding the applications to Automated Shuttle Car Systems to transport containers between Marine Terminals and inland Intermodal Terminals seamlessly without congesting the roadways; without noise and without pollution.

Recently ATS has designed complete systems for a new Container Terminal in Italy, and AS provided consulting advice to the Shanghai Port Authority with regard to the introduction of advanced automation systems for the Yangshan Deep Water Port Project and has completed a demonstration of its Terminal Automation and Control System [FRED™] for the Office of Naval Research of the US Navy.

We invite your inquires. Additional information is available at AS Docs.

Stacking Test of a fully automated wide span [100 meters] RMG.

OmniPort a Semi-Automated Break Bulk Facility that employs SprialVeyors™ and other equipment of AS design.

AS provided the material handling automation for a Hot Roll Mill.

With IHS and Marine International we developed a method for the rapid construction and deployment of large Floating Accommodation Systems.

Production Areas of the USX Pipe Mill with the Automated In Process and Storage Retrieval.